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This Privacy Policy forms part of its End User License Agreement and the Company's standard terms and conditions set out on its website at hole.golf (collectively, the 'Agreements') governing the use of the App and the Website. Contractors Media recognizes that privacy is important and our goal is to protect your private information.

The App or the Website may require you, when ordering a membership, to enter your credit card number and credit card expiration date so that the App or Website may provide this information to merchant establishments which allow you to pay for your membership using the App. The Company considers this information to be your 'Personally Identifiable Information' and, excepting the transfer of Personally Identifiable Information to the merchant's point of sale system or to relevant payment processors, the Company will not share your Personally Identifiable Information with anyone. Your Personally Identifiable Information may be stored by the App in an encrypted format on a secure server. Your Personally Identifiable Information will be transmitted in an encrypted form to the merchant's point of sale system and the Company will not decrypt or store your Personally Identifiable Information during this transmission. Please note that we do not store credit card details nor do we share such details with any third parties.

You will be required to submit an email address so that you can use all of the features of the App, including receiving a receipt of bills paid using the App. The Company considers your email address to be part of your private information and will protect it accordingly.

The Company may use cookies, which are small data files containing a string of characters and which are stored on your computer, to improve your experience with the Website. If you set your browser not to accept cookies, your experience on the Website might be affected.

Should you email the Company with questions, complaints or comments, the Company may retain such email communications. Any such information will not be deemed to be private and may be disclosed by the Company.

The Company may present advertising links or links to third party websites on the Website or in the App. This Privacy Policy only applies to the Company's App and Website. It does not govern the use of any third party website. If you believe you have an issue or complaint with an operator of a third party website then you should contact such operator directly. The Company takes no responsibility for the content or services provided by any such third party website, even if the Company's Website and/or App provides a link to that third party website.

When you access the Website, the Website might record information sent by your browser, including IP addresses of the computer you use, the kind of browser you use, and cookie information. The Company may use this information to improve users' experience with the Website or to identify persons who may violate this Privacy Policy or the Agreements.

The Company only processes information submitted to the Company, through the App or to the Website for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy or in the Agreement. These purposes include: performing functions to pay for outstanding bills, checks and tabs; to improve the Company's advertising efforts; research and analysis to improve the App and Website and the services offered through the App and Website; ensuring the proper functioning of the App and the Website; developing new services or content for the App and Website; and protecting your rights and the rights of other users of the App and Website.

The Company may collect information related to your transactions performed using the App (the 'Transaction Data'). The Company may shares such information with its business partners and may use your Transaction Data to improve your experience with the App or the Website, including to deliver advertisements to your mobile communications device from third parties or merchants with whom the Company has contracted when you use the App.

The Company may be required to disclose your private information, your Transaction Data and/or your Personally Identifiable Information with law enforcement authorities pursuant to a court order or other legal process or if Company has knowledge or a reasonable belief that a violation of applicable law has occurred through use of the App or the Website.

Unless the Company has your express consent or as stated in this Privacy Policy, the Company does not share any of your private information, your Transaction Data or Personally Identifiable Information with any third parties.

Should you come into possession of the private information, your Transaction Data or Personally Identifiable Information of other users of the App or Website, you are expressly forbidden from sharing such information with third parties unless you have express written consent from the user whose information is to be shared. Any sharing of such other users' information without their consent is an express violation of this Privacy Policy and the Agreements.

Although the Company takes appropriate security measures to protect your private information stored by the App, your Transaction Data or other private information submitted through the Website, our security efforts may be dependent upon the security procedures of certain third parties with whom the Company contracts for the provision of certain services. The Company cannot warrant or ensure that the security measures of such third party providers will protect such information.

The Company will enforce this Privacy Policy, and if you violate any of its terms, the Company may prevent you from using the App or the Website. If you believe that a person has violated this Privacy Policy then contact the Company using the email addresses on the Website. If the Company believes that you or another person may have used the App or Website to obtain the Personally Identifiable Information of another user of the App or Website or for illegal or unlawful purposes then the Company reserves the right to submit any and all information the Company has related to the alleged incident to law enforcement entities.

This Privacy Policy may change from time to time. The most current version of the Privacy Policy will always appear on the Website or the App and the most recent version shall supersede any and all other versions of this Privacy Policy. Company reserves the right to change or modify this Privacy Policy at any time and at its sole discretion by posting revisions on the App or the Website. Continued use of the App following the posting of these changes or modifications will constitute acceptance of such changes or modifications.

Should you wish to contact the Company with any questions, complaints or claims with respect to the App, you should visit the Company's website at hole.golf (the 'Website') or email .

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