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About Nonesuch River Golf Club LLC
Nonesuch River Golf Club is open for its 17th full season of play. The 203-acre facility in Southern Maine features a meticulously maintained 18-hole public championship golf course, a modern 2,500 square-foot clubhouse, a full-size practice range and two putting greens, as well as a golf academy with professional PGA Instruction. If you’re looking for a golf outing near Portland, ME, consider Nonesuch River Golf Club. Our staff is experienced, friendly, and professional. We have a variety of golf club memberships available as well, and also offer Stay and Play Maine golf vacation packages. Contact us online, or call toll free (888) 256-2717.
Protecting the environment and The Nonesuch River … The club’s namesake, The Nonesuch River, runs directly through the golf course property, creating “wetland areas” which support a variety of plant and animal species. During the design and construction process, we were careful to maintain valuable wildlife habitat important to local moose, wild turkey, fox and deer populations. We worked closely with state and local officials to limit our environmental impact on the beautiful forest and river area. Our maintenance philosophy is to continue to provide an ongoing, thriving wildlife habitat throughout the wetlands and forested areas. Nonesuch is unique in that there is no development on the golf course except for the clubhouse and golf-related amenities. It is truly a golf course situated in its natural environment.

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